Loren Bridal Make Up

My name is Loren,

I am a fully qualified, experienced Beauty Therapist. I have been in the Bridal Makeup Industry for over 10 years.

I love exploring new styles and trends whilst always keeping a focus on creating the perfect, timeless look.

My heart lies in bridal makeup. Creating long lasting, fresh and flawless makeup, perfect for modern brides that want to still feel like themselves. I believe every woman is beautiful and I thrive on being able to accentuate this, not mask it. I will design a colour palette that will compliment your skin tones and bring to life your best features.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy 

Certified in Ombre, Powder Design & Apply Cosmetic Tattoo 

SHBBINF001 – Maintain infection control standards. 

Our Make Up

We pride ourselves with using Vegan, Cruelty Free & Australian Made Make Up. 

We have designed products that we always wanted but could never find.


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